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Fee Structure of MBBS in Jiangsu University
By sophia on 2017-08-15

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Jiangsu University has been ranked as Asia's top 200 university, ranked 181 among BRICS and emerging economies by the latest Times Higher Education rankings which announced JSU in the world top 1000 universities for the first time. 


Information about university:

Location: Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province

School Tier: Top



Information about MBBS:

Teaching Language  English

Duration          6 years


Detailed Information about MBBS Fee Structure


Jiangsu University MBBS fee Structure.png 



About Scholarships

Chinese Govt. Scholarship (CSC)

China-U.S.A and Europe Culture Exchange Special Scholarship

Confucius Institute Scholarship

Jasmine Jiangsu Govt. Scholarship

JSU Presidential Scholarship

JSU School Scholarships

A&W Enterprise Scholarship

OEC Scholarship for Excellent Students

OEC Scholarship for Social Contributors

JSU HSK Excellent Scholarship

Other Enterprise Scholarships

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