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Study in the Top 9 University HIT Weihai
By sophia on 2017-07-07


  Harbin Institute of Technology, an internationally renowned technical university located by the Songhua River with nearly 100 years’ development. Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai, a campus of HIT on the shores of the Yellow Sea offers beautiful scenery and the prospect of a bright future.


HIT, Weihai now has more than 11,000 full-time students, including undergraduates, graduates and PH.D candidates, and 535 academic faculty members. There are ten schools and department in HIT, Weihai, including the School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, the School of Marine Science and Technology, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Information and Electrical Engineering, the School of Computer Science & Software Engineering, the School of Material Science and Engineering, the School of Science, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Languages and Literature and the Department of Civil Engineering. HIT, Weihai offers 37 undergraduate programs, and accord with HIT, Harbin in offering 39 Masters and 27 Doctoral programs. Besides, it offers two first-class discipline Masters Programs, i.e. Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering and Marine Science, which are supported by HIT-Project-985. Presently, HIT, Weihai is equipped with provincial 8 key disciplines, and 6 provincial distinct specialties. In 2016, HIT Weihai founded the International School of Ocean Science and Engineering, led by a world-class international expert as its dean.  



1. Non-Degree

   Chinese language (one semester)


2. Degree




  English Medium :Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering


     Chinese Medium:

                   Mechanical Engineering and Automation

                   Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

                   Environment Engineering


                   Chemical Engineering and Processes

                   Food Science and Engineering

                   Automotive Engineering

                   Energy and Power Engineering


                   Traffic Engineering


                   Measurement Technology and Instrument

                   Electrical Engineering and Automation

                   Communication Engineering

                   Electronics and Information Engineering

                   Electronic Science and Technology

                   Electromagnetic and Wireless Technology

                   Computer Science and Technology

                   Information Security

                   Software Engineering

                   Materials Science and Engineering

                   Material Forming and Control Engineering

                   Welding Technology and Engineering

                   Electronic Packaging Technology

                   Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

                   Information and Computing

                   Optical-Electronics Information Science and Engineering

                   Business Management


                   Financial Management


                   International Economics and Trade

                   Information Management and Information System

                   English Language

                   Korean Language

                   Chinese Language and Literature

                   Civil Engineering



      Engish Medium: Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering


         Chinese Medium:

         Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

         Mechatronic Engineering

         Marine Science

         Chemical Engineering and Technology

         Vehicle Engineering

         Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

         Electrical Engineering,

         Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics

         Information and Communication Engineering

         Control Science and Engineering

         Instrument Science and Technology

         Computer Science and Technology

         Material Science

         Materials Processing Engineering


         Computational Mathematics

         Applied Mathematics

         Business Management

         Civil Engineering



1.Tuition Fees


Chinese language 7,000RMB one semester



    Bachelor      English Medium 26,000RMB per year

                      Chinese Medium 20,000RMB per year(English Language, Korean Language, Chinese Language and Literature 18,000RMB per year)

     Master        English Medium 34,000 RMB per year

                       Chinese Medium 28,000RMB per year

2.Accommodation Fees

Double Room     4,500 RMB per person  one semester (140 days)

5,500 RMB per person  half a year  (180 days)

10,000 RMB per person  one year

Trible Room(ABC Suite)   4,900 RMB per person  one semester (140 days)

6,000 RMB per person  half a year  (180 days)

11,000 RMB per person  one year

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