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Scholarship in Beijing Foreign Studies University
By sally on 2017-05-04


Beijing Foreign Studies University (simplified Chinese: 北京外国语大学; pinyin: Běijīng Wàiguóyǔ Dàxué) is a university in Weigongcun, Beijing, People's Republic of China. The campus occupies 304,553 square meters, with a student dormitory area of 40,000 m2 and a library of 9997 m2, and is divided in two by Beijing's Third Ring Road. Other facilities on campus include an audiovisual center, dining halls, and tennis courts. The university is popularly known as Běiwài (simplified Chinese: 北外) in Mandarin and BFSU in English.

The university claims to have evolved from the Yan'an School of Foreign Languages based on the Russian Language Unit of the Third Branch of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College. The latter was established by the Communist Party of China during the Japanese invasion. BFSU takes pride in its contacts with the Party Central Committee and such Chinese leaders as Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai. BFSU has been China's principal base offering training in foreign language learning and teaching. BFSU was affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from its establishment to the early 1980s and is now a key university under the Ministry of Education.

BFSU qualified for the first round of the competition in its efforts to enter Project 211, a university development programme launched by the Ministry of Education in 1996.

Some 115 faculty members are recognized by the state for their academic performance and receive state subsidies.


IBS奖学金 International Business School Scholarship

10% - 100% of 1st year’s tuition

Evaluation: Academic background, Language ability, Social activities, Talents, etc.,

北京市政府奖学金 Beijing Government Scholarship

50% or 100% of 1st year’s tuition

Evaluation: Academic background, Language ability, Social activities, Talents, etc.,

一带一路奖学金 One Belt One Road Scholarship:

4 Year’s (or 2 years for master candidates) tuition fee exempted.

Requirements: average score of the first five semesters in high school exceeds 90/100, or being in the top 5% of the same-grade ranking, or get A or above at all subjects, or equivalent. Similar standards apply to master applicants.

Our scholarship committee will evaluate all the application and make the final decision before the end of June. Applicants will be granted the 4-Year full scholarship, 1st-Year full or partial scholarship depending on their qualification.

Please note that for 4-y scholarship, students must satisfy certain requirement in order to keep the qualification. Details as below:

Ranking in the top 10%, qualified to keep the full scholarship.

Ranking below top 10% but above 20%, 50% tuition exempted for the next academic year. If the students go up to top 10% next year, they can get back the position for the full scholarship.

Ranking below top 20%, students will lose the position for full scholarship, no opportunity to get back to the list, but they may apply for other kinds of scholarship depending on the performance.

丝绸之路奖学金 Silk Road Scholarship

Successful applicants will get 4 years’ (or 2 years’ for master candidates) tuition fee exempted, including dormitory and living fee.

Evaluation: Academic background, Language ability, Social activities, Talents, etc.,

中国政府奖学金 Chinese Government Scholarship

Student needs to apply through CSC website and choose Beijing Foreign Studies University as the first option.

Requirement: Bachelor: ielts 6.0 /TOEFL ibt 79 / TOEIC 750

Postgraduate: IELTS6.5 / TOEFL ibt 88/ TOEIC 800


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