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Chinese Training
By shirly on 2017-04-17

 Good choice for you guys  who want to learn Chinese!

Enrollment Programs

 A.     Long-term Chinese Training

1. It is divided into three levels: basic, intermediate level and advanced level; and small class for teaching.

2. Application conditions: independent living and learning abilities, good physical heath, compliance with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic ofChina as well as all the rules of this university, not based on your current Chinese level.

3. Admission time: from the beginning of February through the beginning of March

And from the beginning of August through the beginning of September

4. Curriculum and required level:



Main Courses

Required Level


Chinese grammar, Chinese speaking, Chinese listening,Reading & writing Chinese characters, picture talking

After finishing the course, you should know about 2,000 words, understand basic Chinese grammar and can comprehend and speak everyday Chinese.

Intermediate level

Chinese grammar, Chinese speaking, Chinese listening,Chinese reading, HSK counseling

After finishing the course, you should know about 4,000 words, can master basic Chinese grammar, have general listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Advanced level

Chinese grammar, Chinese speaking, Chinese listening,selected readings of newspapers and periodicals, Chinese culture, HSK counseling

After finishing the course, you should have a degree of fluency in Chinese, have advanced listening, speaking, reading, writing skills, and relevant translation skills.


5. After finishing the required courses, you will be awarded with a course completion certificate by the university. In addition, you may participate in the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) during your study period.


B. Short-term Chinese Training

1. It is conducted during winter and summer vacations (winter: January to February; summer: July to August)

2. Curriculum:

  Language courses: Chinese grammar, listening & speaking

  Practice courses: city sightseeing & introduction, introduction to calligraphy, learning to sing Chinese songs, learning Chinese cuisine, basic Chinese Kung Fu.

3. Course-completion: if you pass the examination after finishing the courses, you will be awarded with the relevant certificates.


        Tuition Fee : 1000RMB for the first week, then each week plus an additional 500rmb

         Accommodation: 40RMB/ Day

Note: 1.Tourist visa is acceptable

           2. Personal registration is accepted for Summer vacation training

If there’s any other problems , do not hesitate to contact us!


Tel: 0086-571-88165968



Public Wechat: CUECC2003

Add: Hangzhou(310012),China

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