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Students with HSK can get scholarship!
By sally on 2017-04-12


Bachelor degree

Business Administration;

Accounting; Financial Management; 

Logistics Management; 

Traffic Engineering;

Civil Engineering; 

Oil and Gas Storage & Transport Engineering; 

Communication Engineering; 

Electronic Information Engineering; 

Aircraft Propulsion Engineering; 

Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering; 

Industrial Engineering; 

Electrical Engineering & Automation; 


Mechanical and Electronic Engineering; 

Information Security Management; 

Public Utilities Management; 

Aviation Law; 

Aviation English; 

Traffic and Transportation; 

Computer Science and Technology; 

Information and Computer Science; 

Material Chemistry; 

Material Physics; 


Master degree

Mechanical & Electronic Engineering; 

Communication & Information System; 

Signal and Information Processing; 

Navigation /Guidance & Control; 

Security Technology & Engineering; 

Transportation Information Engineering and Control; 

Transportation Planning & Management; 

Aircraft Design; 

Human Machine & Environment Engineering; 

Manage Science & Engineering, Enterprise Management

Tuition fee

Bachelor degree: 15000rmb per year

Master degree: 22000rmb per year

HSK requirements

Art students require HSK4

Science students require HSK3

Scholarship coverage: 20000-30000rmb

If you are interested in it, plz contact


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