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2024 Business Weekend class at CIE of Shenzhen University
By Stella on 2024-03-05

Introduction to SZU and CIE

SZU is the only comprehensive university in Shenzhen, as one of the top 30 universities nationwide. It started to enroll international students since 1987 and has nurtured over 20,000 international students so far. In 2019, SZU was granted the National Quality Certification of Studying in China by the China Education Association for International Exchange.

Adopting a multi-cultural curriculum featuring both local and global issue, CIE does not only offer regular degree programs at its core, but also develops flexible on-demand non-degree programs (Long and short term Chinese program) featuring different course components and learning periods. It has become the most recognized and established institute for international Chinese education in Shenzhen.

CIE is staffed with a distinguished and professional team of committed instructors, who have been teaching Chinese to international students for over a decade, with TCFL certificates. Quite a few of them own titles of professor or Ph.D. degrees. Their teaching earns great respect and reputation from students, with a student retention rate of over 80%.


Introduction to the Program

Descriptions: This Business Chinese program is aimed at improving Chinese communication skills effectively in business events as well as daily business-related routines and social contacts for learners with business needs, prospective job seekers and the working population in China.

The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

(1) Class name: Business Chinese Basic Class, Businese Chinese Intermediate class

(2) Teaching method: Offline courses

(3) Class Content and class time:

Class time (4 hours)

Course Name

Class 1-2 9:00-10:25

Business Chinese comprehensive course

Class 3-4 10:45-12:10

Business Oral Chinese class

Remark: March 2 - July 6 (every Saturday) 17 times (May Labor Day holiday)

(4) Registration period: January 2, 2024 - February 24, 2024

Both companies and individuals can apply.

If the company applies, please contact the Admissions Department by email.


RMB 6800 / person (material fee is included)

(6)Payment time and place:

to be notified by email

(7)Location of class:

Zhaoxi Building at Shenzhen University

(8)Students of Business Chinese Weekend Class can apply for Shenzhen University campus Card after admission, which can be used for campus facilities such as canteen, library, sports hall, swimming pool and golf courses.

(9)Remarks *:

We can provide customized courses for enterprises. (The course content and duration can be customized according to the actual learning needs of enterprise students. ※ Minimize of 8 students are needed in the class.)


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