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SMU Held 2017 Chinese New Year Party
By sally on 2017-02-17

On the afternoon of January 24, 2017, SMU held 2017 Chinese New Year Party, celebrating the Year of the Gold Rooster. Prof. Jin Yongxing, Chairman of SMU University Council, Prof. Huang Youfang, President of SMU, Heads of every Department and School as well as SMU students gathered to celebrate the New Year.


During the party, Prof. Jin Yongxing first gave his blessings to teachers and students. He wished all a happy and prosperous new year. Then Prof. Jin concluded our achievements in the past year concerning teaching, scientific research, international cooperation and so on. Finally he hoped SMU students could remain enthusiastic and hard-working for further achievements in the year of Rooster.


Then, Prof. Huang Youfang extended his greetings to the present students. He mentioned that college leaders were very concerned about their study, lives, health and safety. Prof. Huang hoped that all students could consider SMU as their own home and have a happy time at school during the festival. At the same time, he wished students make progress in study, fulfill their dreams and remain healthy. 


At the party, Dance Troupe, Chorus, Orchestra as well as international students presented various wonderful performances. International students from Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia deeply experienced Chinese Spring Festival by singing and dancing with Chinese teachers and students. Heads of SMU during the party handed out many red lucky packets to all the students with best wishes. The splendid performances made for a great party, and SMU was looking forward to a more successful year of 2017.


(From website of SUM)

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