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secret of roses---Valentine's Day
By Stella on 2017-02-13

1 rose: love at first sight, you are the only  one.

2 roses: Mutual feelings, a commitment, an engagement or coming marriage.

3 roses: I love you.

9 roses: I will love you forever.

10 roses: You are pretty.

11 roses: You’re my treasured one.

12 roses: I love you and I am grateful for your presence.

13 roses: Forever friends.

20 roses: I’m sincere towards you.

21 roses: I’m committed to you.

24 roses: You’re always on my mind.

25 roses: Congratulations.

36 roses: I’ll remember our romantic moments

40 roses: My love is genuine

99 roses: I’ll love you till the day I die.

100 roses:100% love, I’m totally devoted to you.

101 roses: Best of all, you’re my one and only.

108 roses: Proposal, Will you marry me?

365 roses: I love you every single day.

999 roses: My love will last till the end of time.


Roses in mixed colors: You’re everything to me

Red roses: romance, beauty, respect, courage, passionate love and unity

Red & white roses together: unity or togetherness.

pink roses: appreciation and gratitude

White roses: nity, loyalty, reverence, humility, sincerity, purity

Yellow roses: friendship, familiar love and domestic happiness

The combination of red roses and pink roses: strong romance and passion

Black roses: a major change in the future.

Purple roses: enhancement, magnification, majesty and glory

Blue roses: fantasies, hoping for miracles, new opportunities and possibilities.

Orange roses: enthusiasm, desire and fascination, I am proud of you

Peach roses: desire, anticipation, sincere appreciation and optimism for the future.

Pale peach roses: symbol of modesty.


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