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Yunnan Open University
By Stella on 2017-02-09

Yunnan Open University is a new provincial, higher education, public institution, which is open for everyone. The University is sponsored by the Provincial Government of Yunnan Province and the Yunnan Department of Education. Supported by the information technology, the University adheres to the educational ideas of open and lifelong learning. Furthermore, it focuses on both degree seeking and non-degree seeking students.


At present, the school headquarters cover an area of 750 square meters. The construction area is 300,000 square meters, with 540,000 books in its library and electronic books 30.5 Terrabites. Total cost of the fixed assets reaches 900 million RMB, doubling the assets of 2009. Currently we have 98 experimental labs, nearly 100 million RMB in teaching instruments and equipment.

There are 21 undergraduate majors and 43 professional specialties for open education of National Open University, 4 undergraduate majors and 24 professional specialties for Yunnan Open University and 34 specialties for secondary vocational education. There are over 100,000 students enrolled as on campus and distance education students. There are 220,000 non-degree seeking students enrolled.

There are 711 staff members in the university, among them 534 are full-time teachers, and 216 have positions which include associate professors, and 383 possess a Master Degree or higher. In addition, a group of experts and scholars from domestic and abroad universities have been invited to guide and promote the construction of professional disciplines and courses. The total staff is over 4000 teachers working full-time and part-time.

Meanwhile we have set up the Yunnan Open University Advisory Committee, led by senior expert, He Keming, represented by domestic well-known experts in the field of distance education as the main focus, offering decision-making consultation on school reform and development of major technology issues.



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1.College of Mechatronic Engineering

Majors Setting:

a. Yunnan Open University open education:

Undergraduate major: mechanical and electrical engineering

Specialized professions: mechatronic technology, numerical control technology, mold design and manufacturing, printing technology, vehicle inspection and maintenance technology, the application of electronic technology

b. National Open University open education:

Undergraduate major: mechanical design and manufacturing and automation

Specialized professions: mechanical manufacturing and automation, automobile specialized subject (the direction of maintenance)

c. Higher-vocational education of Yunnan Vocational & Technical College of National Defense Industry:

Specialized professions: mold design and manufacturing, mechatronic technology, printing technology, numerical control technology, welding technology and automation, machinery manufacturing and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing, application of electronic technology, electrical automation technology.

Among them, mold design and manufacture professional is listed as provincial characteristic specialty and provincial key construction specialty. mechatronic technology, printing technology and numerical control technology specialty are key construction specialty of the provincial model school. Application of electronic technology specialty is the key construction specialty of school.

2.College of Chemical Engineering

undergraduate major:chemical engineering and technology specialty

junior college specialties:specialties of the application of chemical technology, industrial analysis and test, fine chemicals production technology, application of biological technology, and garden technology

The major of applied chemical technology is a unique specialty supported by the central finance of government, and also the provincial professional characteristics. The professional teaching team of application of chemical technology is pictured as the provincial teaching team. The major of biological technology is featured as one of the characterized majors in our university.

3.The School of International Exchange

Majors Setting:● college English ● Thai Language (a characteristic major in model colleges at Yunnan Provincial Level).

Thai Language Major Compulsory classes in the major are: Thai Phonetic, Basic Thai, Senior Thai, Thai Grammar, Spoken Thai, Audio-Visual Thai, Reading Thai, Practical Writing in Thai, Translation Theory and Practice (oral & written), Thai Literature History and Literature Appreciation, Thai Tourism, Thai Economy, Relations of Thai and China, Political Economy Situation in Thailand, Society and Culture of Thailand, and Religious Customs in Thailand. At the same time, to adapt to the construction needs of Yunnan province and new requirements of one belt one road of our country, we would like to train our students into high-quality skilled talents with strong practical ability and professional quality.

4.the college of culture tourism

The existing majors include more than 10 open education specialties such as Chinese Linguistics, Touring Management, Hotel Management.

full-time majors: Touring Management (including undergraduate and higher vocational college), Hotel Management, Secretary.

Our short-term class also calculated at 50 yuan/school;

Bachelor degree of international students for a long time we charge fees, 15000 / year (two semesters).

Key recommendation for 10 days short-term training, business people 2000 yuan / 10 days, ordinary student 1500 yuan of/for 10 days.

Not including insurance, medical, food and accommodation and other personal expenses.

If you are interested in studying in Yunnan Open University, do not hesitate to contact us!


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