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winter homestay in BFSU
By Stella on 2016-12-28


Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2016-12-22  |   Hits : 115

Hello everyone, 

How are you? This is Ellen Crystal from IBS student affairs office. 

Winter Homestay program is initiated by IBS aimed to help international students learn Chinese culture in a depth and in a wider scale. All of you are welcome to be part of it. 


1. Time for Winter Homestay program: it coincides with your winter holiday. Your winter holiday starts from Jan.7th till Feb.22nd. You can use the whole holiday to attend this program, staying in China and living with the Chinese family. Or you could choose one week or two or any time you think suits you best for this program. It is all up to you and the Chinese family. 

2. Free accommodation: in this program, you will live with the Chinese family. It is totally free for you. You dont need to pay for the room or food. You will be regarded as a member of the Chinese family. Have fun together and  enjoy yourself. 


3. Chinese New Year Festival: Do you know about the Chinese New Year Festival, the biggest and most important festival for the Chinese people? If you know a little about it, now you have the chance to actually experience it, like the special food--dumplings for example, the time-honored traditions regarding this festival-- spring couplets, fireworks, red bonus and so on, and the happy, heart-warming atmosphere. Once you have experienced it, you will be amazed. Such precious memory. 


4. About the Chinese family: the office will make sure that the Chinese family that signed up is open-minded and hospitable. And at least one member of the family speaks English, so you dont need to worry about the language barrier. 


5. What can you get from this program: a lot! like acquisition of Chinese language and culture as well as making Chinese friends. It will be a precious experience for you. 


6. Registration: from the moment your receive this email, you can register for this program. You may send email with your name, student ID, mobile number, nationality, time you wanna spend in this program and any requirements you may have for the Chinese family.


7. Some Chinese families will return to their hometown for the Chinese New Year festival. It means you will go with them to another city outside Beijing to have this festival. If you dont like to go outside Beijing, you may mention it in your registration email.


All in all, the winter homestay program is a great program, you are welcome and encouraged to be part of it. 


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